“Application of the law to circumstances requires knowledge, intellect, empathy and a sense of justice, all qualities possessed by Attorney Gleisner. The ‘sense of justice’ is best developed as it was for Attorney Gleisner in the litigation arena. All of this makes Bill a valuable member of the Judicial Council.” Hon. Michael O. Bohren, Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge

“I have known Bill since the mid-1970s. Bill is a prolific legal writer and scholar and this is why he should be on the Judicial Council.”  Hon. James R..  Kieffer, Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge

“I believe that Bill’s background and achievements make him uniquely qualified to serve on the Judicial Council. He has a high level of legal scholarship on both the State and Federal levels. He would be an asset to any part of the court system as well as the Judicial Council.”  Hon. Jeffrey A. Wagner, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge

“I have known Bill Gleisner for nearly 30 years. He possesses not only a nearly encyclopedic  knowledge of Wisconsin case law, but also an in depth understanding of the rules of both evidence and civil procedure. He belongs on the Wisconsin Judicial Council.” Attorney Ric Domnitz, Domnitz & Skemp

“Bill is and has been a class act and a model for young trial lawyers and appellate advocates to follow. The Judicial Council would also benefit greatly from not just Bill’s experience as a trial lawyer and his extensive experience in the appellate process, but also from his keen intellect and knowledge of current technologies.” Attorney Eric A. Farnsworth, Dewitt, Ross & Stevens

“I have worked with Bill for the past four years on several related matters that have been at times very contentious and all consuming. Bill is one of the most dedicated, tenacious lawyers that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is tireless, a quick study, and extremely proficient in court room technology. He belongs on the Judicial Council.” Attorney William H. Harbeck, Quarles & Brady

“I support Bill Gleisner for another  term on the Judicial Council. His special expertise in electronic litigation and discovery issues will help ensure that our rules of civil procedure and evidence keep pace with technological developments in the information age.” Attorney Arthur J. Harrington, Godfrey & Kahn

“I have had many occasions to work with Bill. He is an outstanding legal scholar. The strength of his legal writing has been demonstrated in the many appellate amicus curiae briefs he has been called upon to write. He is a caring man who would be sensitive to the rights of all litigants. He has an excellent grasp of all phases of our litigation system and belongs on the Judicial Council.” Attorney Kenan J. Kersten, Kersten & McKinnon

“Bill Gleisner possesses a rare combination of legal scholarship and practical experience that make him an asset on the Judicial Council. He has authored innumerable scholarly materials on a wide variety of legal issues. He has a long and distinguished career as a civil litigator at both the trial and appellate levels. He should be re-elected to the Judicial Council.” Attorney James T. Murray, Jr., Peterson,  Johnson & Murray

“Bill is a computerized litigation specialist and has authored articles on electronic discovery and provided hands on training to lawyers. As such, Bill  is uniquely qualified to serve as a member of the Judicial Council in the  Twenty First Century. Bill is also recognized and respected as both a legal scholar and an advocate.” Attorney Richard H. Porter, Gonzalez, Saggio & Harlan

“Bill Gleisner has worked tirelessly to support and improve the State Bar and the legal process in our state. At a time when the legal rights of many of our clients are under siege, Bill is precisely the type of lawyer we need on the Council because he will be sensitive to and help protect those rights.” Attorney J. Michael Riley, Axley Brynelson

“He is intelligent, articulate, prolific and perhaps most important, he loves the law. Few have the grasp of the development of our common law as Bill does. He truly is a legal scholar; not only in the law school professor sense, but in the role of a practitioner who knows the law as a vehicle for justice. He is uniquely qualified to serve the State Bar as a member of the Wisconsin Judicial Council.” Attorney Daniel A. Rottier, Habush, Habush & Rottier

“Bill’s career has been very well-rounded as a trial lawyer, legal scholar, author, and mostnotably as one of the state’s most highly respected appellate advocates. Many lawyers consult Bill on appellate matters. I have personally consulted Bill on appellate issues in which I have been involved. Bill has briefed and argued some of the most important appellate decisions in Wisconsin. As a member of the Wisconsin Judicial Council Bill will continue to make significant contributions to the rules of civil procedure and evidence.” Attorney George K. Steil, Jr., Brennan & Steil.


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